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VybeTask is designed for organizations of any size to manage all of its jobs online efficiently and seamlessly collaborate without local software installations. Some of the key features include:

  • Create and track jobs for clients, suppliers and internal use
  • Keep all notes, documents, and discussions about a job in one sequentially organized online file
  • Keep copies of all documents attached to the job in one easy to find location
  • Keep all interested parties in the loop
  • Keep track of all outstanding jobs
  • Assign jobs to individuals and pass along jobs when one task is done
  • People can set-up and manage their priorities and timelines in real time
  • Create multiple jobs for complex issues, job priorities, and timelines instantly
  • Emails can be sent directly into the VybeTask queue either by creating a new job or responding to an existing one
  • Gantt charts are created instantly when start and due dates are used
  • Track time against a case for billing or to track effectiveness
  • Create groupings of cases for meetings and tracking purposes

Technical / Administrative Features:

  • VybeTask is 100% coded in-house
  • We don't rely on any proprietary sources and we own the code 100%
  • No limit on the number of jobs, participants or data
  • Web-based so it is accessible wherever you have Internet access
  • Administrator has the ability to add and delete users instantly
  • Access restrictions can easily be applied to users by projects and categories
  • Easy to set up
  • Each user gets their own job work list
  • Create detailed notes on each job
  • Customize VybeTask with your logo
  • Data is constantly backed up on our own servers in a state-of-the art server farm

Some of VybeTask benefits for your organization:

  • Immediate understanding of outstanding work issues to better manage staff priorities
  • Track outstanding issues instantly and manage client expectations
  • Ensure all information on a job is in one spot shareable by everyone
  • Web-based so it is accessible wherever you have Internet access
  • Online searchable manual
  • Allows for sharing updates with your clients
  • Attach pre-defined checklists to any job

In conjunction with VybeBooks, clients that use VybeBooks can assign cases directly to clients for billing purposes.

For more information, please contact 416-425-1212 x 2 or email sales@vybenetworks.com.


We have two basic packages, regular and SOHO. SOHO is for small offices that have few users.

PackageIncludedPriceExtra users
Regular Monthly10 users$75/month$5/month
Regular Yearly10 users$750/year$50/year
SOHO Monthly3 users$25/month$8/month
SOHO Yearly3 users$250/year$80/year

Good Words
from our Clients

Having used Vybe for a number of years I can truly say that their customer service team has always gone above and beyond for us whenever we had an issue. Their polite and friendly staff was always knowledgeable and took care of our issues in a timely manner.

Sam Eskenasi
Communications Officer
B'nai Brith Canada