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VoIP - Detail Sheet

Please fill in the following information so that we may determine your requirements.

Let's get some basic information so that we can contact you with a quote or follow-up questions.
Email address:
Phone number:
We need to know who the contacts are. The admin contact is the person that we talk to about any technical details. The billing contact is the person that we will send the invoices to. If both contacts are the same just fill out one. Please enter name, email and phone number.
Admin contact:
Billing contact:
How many phone lines do you need? They need not all have external phone numbers if you are setting up a PBX.
Phone lines:
We can port your existing phone numbers to our system for $25/number. Make sure to indicate which one is for fax if porting a fax number. We will also need a scanned copy of a recent invoice for any numbers being ported.
Numbers to port:
All phone come with outgoing fax capability. If you want a dedicated incoming fax line then you will need another phone line. This is in addition to the lines specified above. Tell us how you handle faxes now.
Fax line:
Handled now:
We can provide you with Private Branch eXchange (PBX) capabilities. Starting at $10/month our virtual PBX (which we host) provides all the standard functionality such simple auto-attendant and custom messages. We can also provide a custom PBX on site which will allow for much more functionality such as support desk, round robin sales desks, etc. This would be extra charge based on the complexity of your requirements.
PBX not required
Please set up a virtual PBX
I think we might need a custom solution
Do you want Internet ready (SIP) phones that connect directly to your network? Each phone is a separate line.
Please supply Internet ready phones:

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)? An ATA also plugs into your network but allows Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) phones to be connected.

Please supply analog adapters

I have the phones I need. Here are the make and model numbers.

I have the phones I need
SIP phones:
We can sell you the devices or you can rent them
What is your Internet connection?
None yet (Vybe provides ADSL in certain markets)
Service provider:
Upload speed: Mbit/sec
Download speed: Mbit/sec
Router details:
Please add any other information that might be pertinent such as office layouts that might cause wiring issues, etc.

Good Words
from our Clients

Vybe Network's technical staff are second to none. They are always responsive and able to solve any issue my company was able to create for ourselves!

Courteous, friendly staff, and great pricing. What more can a business ask from their provider? I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vybe Networks to anyone that will listen.

Maurizio DiVito
Chartered Accountant