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2023-10-18 - New domain and branding for Hearts server

Vybe Networks has been hosting the free hearts server for many years thanks to the work of one of our users. Because of problems accessing the site due to SSL issues we have given it its own domain which should solve the issue for most people. The new URL for the site is http://www.hearts-online.org/. The old site redirects to this one.

We have also branded the site in order to show our commitment to keeping the site alive.

If you are still having problems accessing the site try clearing your cache and try again.

Happy playing.


Good Words
from our Clients

I first began using Vybe Networks, formerly Vex.Net, before the beginning of time, i.e. sometime in the 1990s.

They have hosted my websites and offered other services. Not only have I never had a problem, but their customer service is personal and responsive. And their prices are reasonable.

It may sound like a cliché to say that they are reliable, good and affordable. But that's exactly what they are.

Ron Davis
Ron Davis Music