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2015-01-12 - Vibe Online merges with Vybe Networks

(Toronto) January 12, 2015, Vibe Online is pleased to announce that it is merging its operations with Vex.Net in a new company Vybe Networks Inc. The combined operations will provide our clients with better service and more service options. To start with Vybe Networks will provide you with:

  1. Improved stable servers
  2. Additional technical support
  3. Improved customer service systems
  4. Single control panel for all services - Hosting, ISP, VoIP
  5. Additional services such as ADSL Connectivity Services in Ontario and Quebec

In addition to the above we will be offering our clients a range of web-based management apps including:

  • Project Management
  • Cloud Storage
  • Sports Management
  • Press Release Management
  • Access to webmail and your cpanel will be done through our new web site.

Here is how you can reach us:
Vybe Networks Inc.

647-476-5281 - x 201 for support x 207 for accounting and x 202 for sales

100 Queen St E, Suite 203, Toronto, ONT M5C 1S6

Jim Adams


Good Words
from our Clients

I have been a customer of Vybe Networks since the early 90's and have had my professional website designed, housed and managed by them since the early 2000's. Vybe Networks also houses and manages my LMS system which is critical to my business. I recently added an automatic backup of all my critical personal and business information on my computer to the Vybe Cloud system. It is now time for me to offer my thanks to Vybe and all the personnel for making all my digital needs so seamless and easy.

I am a professional instructor in the financial industries. I am neither a computer expert nor do I have any knowledge of programming.

Based on Vybe Networks ability to create a site that is dynamic and, at the same time simple and easy for me to update the information on the site to keep it current. I can update this information myself, using the tools provided by Vybe. This allows me to be current without any wait time for a programmer to make changes.

When I have ever needed to access one on one help from Vybe they are always responsive and very efficient. Even when there have been unavoidable interruptions in any of my services with Vybe, they find solutions and get things back on track faster than any other services I must deal with.

Thanks to all the people at Vybe Networks for making my digital world simple and stable over these many years. I anticipate many more years of service with Vybe Networks.

Monica C.