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2015-10-22 - At Vybe - we are making it easier for you to control your online presence

The internet promised so much - access to more information, instant contact around the world, and the chance to simplify your life by having everything at your finger tips.

It's at our finger tips - but wow is it complex to manage!

At Vybe we are on your side and are trying hard to make your life easier by integrating all four elements of digital connectivity - Web site , Email, Voice and Fax into one control panel. And if you are in Ontario or Quebec you can manage your ADSL with us as well.


* getting just one invoice per month for all of your digital communication needs. * going to one place to manage email and phone accounts for everyone in your organization. * the time saved * the money saved because we offer discounts when you have 3 or more services with us

and coming soon - you will be able to use our control panel to manage all of your key web site links no matter what computer you are on.

to learn more please contact by email at sales@vybenetworks.com or call Jim Adams at 1-866-210-9248 ext 210


did you know that we offer a referral fee. For every client you recommend we will give you 5% of the sales (not including sales tax) on all services except ADSL.


Good Words
from our Clients

I first began using Vybe Networks, formerly Vex.Net, before the beginning of time, i.e. sometime in the 1990s.

They have hosted my websites and offered other services. Not only have I never had a problem, but their customer service is personal and responsive. And their prices are reasonable.

It may sound like a cliché to say that they are reliable, good and affordable. But that's exactly what they are.

Ron Davis
Ron Davis Music