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2019-02-16 - Web server upgrade

Our web server was failing so we had to switch to a new server this morning. Given how quickly we had to do this we did run into a few issues but we have mostly sorted them out. Please check your pages and let us know at support@VybeNetworks.com if you are experiencing any errors.

Unfortunately the new server does not have the old version of PHP that we have been running. The new version, 7.3, appears to have some differences causing fatal errors in many tites. We suspect that these were warnings in the old server that have now become fatal. We are trying to see if we can manually install the old version but it may take some time. In the meantime, we can send you your web logs if you want to fix your own pages right away. You will need to do that sooner or later anyway.

We apologize for this inconvenience and will try to get things back as soon as we can.


Good Words
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My Company Interview Advantage has worked with the staff for a number of years. They built our website and protected our main asset our training videos.

The Company is very responsive and quick to act on solutions that work the first time. It's hard to beat knowledge, attention to detail and a calm approach ensuring our Internet business is always functional.

Doug Peters
President and founder
Interview Advantage