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2013-12-09 - DSL Outage

If you get DSL from us you may have experienced an outage on Saturday night, December 7, 2013. Details are sketchy so far but we have been informed that this was a general Bell issue affecting at least 886 DSL Resellers province wide.

The problem was an I/O card failing in a "multi-service edge router" that also acted as a fancy fibre switch. The card needed to be replaced, and then all the fibre needed to be reconnected. The description of the device (edge router) and number of Resellers affected shows it was in a deep network position for the Wholesale DSL infrastructure. The outage also affected the Business HSA DSL products, as well as customers who had fibre connections through us.

One customer had a degradation in speed after service was resumed. If this is happening to you please try resetting your ADSL modem. If you still have a problem then contact support@Vex.Net so that we can look into it.


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My Company Interview Advantage has worked with the staff for a number of years. They built our website and protected our main asset our training videos.

The Company is very responsive and quick to act on solutions that work the first time. It's hard to beat knowledge, attention to detail and a calm approach ensuring our Internet business is always functional.

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