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2010-12-01 - Mailbox conversion

This is just a heads up that we are currently converting Vex.Net mailboxes formats. This is mostly an internal change that should be mostly invisible to our users. The biggest visible difference to you may be that access to your mailbox and mail folders is faster than it was before.

There may be other differences if you have set up custom changes to the way that your email is handled. We are trying to identify those users and switch them manually to make sure that the custom changes are preserved but it is possible we may miss something. If you believe that you have made custom changes that we may not be able to identify please feel free to contact us so that we can make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

While the email system should appear unchanged to you there may be some slight disruption while the conversion is in progress. This should be no more than 15 minutes in most cases but could be longer if your mailbox is particularly large. However, the conversion will not disrupt the flow of new email while the conversion is underway.

Finally, if you want to know whether the conversion has completed you can look at the control panel. The top section will have a line displaying the size of your mailbox if the conversion has not happened yet. Once the conversion starts that line will be removed. The size of your mailbox will be included in the disk space instead.


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